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The exciting Caribe Explorer submarine

Really... what could be more fun?

Factory video of the yacht's current 2-passenger sub.  We will be replacing it with a 3-passenger version

Sophlex Marine Management is certified to promote and market the safest and most sophisticated submersible vessels on the planet.

U-Boat Worx in the Netherlands manufactures deep diving submarines for up to 11 people.  Explorer's sub can transport 3 people to a depth of 1,000 feet just inside  the lightless  Mesopelagic Zone.


Imagine you and a friend exploring beautiful reefs, tropical marine life, and numerous shipwrecks

Sub at wreck.png

Caribbean Wrecks


There are an estimated 4,000 shipwrecks in the Caribbean and Western Atlantic.


In the Anegada Channel off the British Virgin Islands alone, some 134 ships went down between 1523 and 1833...

many still unexplored.

Girls in sub.png

The 3-person sub is operated by a professional pilot in a jump seat with two passengers who can share a remote control from time to time to take closer looks at items of interest

Our mini-sub is the U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3, considered the most comfortable and safest vessel of its type in the world

In 1909, the steamship Republic sank in 270 feet of water just off Nantucket.
She contains a treasure of US Gold Eagles estimated to be worth over a billion dollars.  The treasure is still aboard because recovery has been forbidden by Massachusetts over legal, archeological, and environmental disputes.

Caribe Explorer’s sub can take you to within 50 feet of over a billion dollars in gold!

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