Here's how it all works...

Oceanic Resort Condos of America (ORCA) is a company formed solely for the repurposing of small regional 5-star luxury cruise ships into very roomy superyachts for purchase by a small group of people who share the ship's adventures for far less than buying an $80,000,000 superyacht alone.

Welcome to the superyacht Caribe Explorer

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This $30 million superyacht will be purchased jointly by the 32 new owners who will use it for anything they want.  All operating expenses will be divided equally among the owners.

Owners will elect a director and all will vote on a number of creative and adventurous cruises suggested by Sophlex. While not an HOA, the group nonetheless will operate like a very large family and the members will have equal say-so in all major decisions.

The suites range size from 280 sq' to 515 sq' and priced from $1.8 to $2.1 million.

But here's the really GOOD NEWS!  ORCA will pay all yacht operating costs for the entire first year which includes monthly cruises to the islands and an annual month-long cruise to South and Central America.  All the owners pay for is cocktails, food, and incidentals like onboard shopping.  A whole year!

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The owners actually do own the ship.  This is NOT a joint venture, fractional ownership, timeshare, or condominium purchase.  It's simply 32 couples who are getting together to buy a luxurious mega-yacht.  Think of it in that manner...  you are not buying a cabin on a cruise ship. You're chipping in to buy a superyacht that has some really incredible bedrooms!


Joining the owner group of the Caribe Explorer has many perks that all are part of the annual operating expense:

  •  Brand-new $3 million submarine for reef and wreck exploring

  •  Full-time AAA-rated staff and crew

  •  Onboard dive shop with scuba gear

  •  Weekly housekeeping

  •  Laundry service

  •  Elevator

  •  Fold-out stern pier 

  •  Medical center

  •  Large sundeck 

  •  74 days of cruising the islands of the Caribbean

  •  291 days onboard just 5 minutes from Downtown Miami

  •  A lounge and a nightclub with live music

  •  Friday night local guest gourmet chef dinner

  •  Luxury dining room with piano

  •  Buffet restaurant

  •  Butler service

  •  Gym and workout room

  •  Outdoor covered cigar lounge

  •  Shopping limo with driver

All this is covered in your shared annual operating fee 

beginning the second year.

As said earlier, the only out-of-pocket expenses for owners 

will be incidentals such as shopping, meals, and cocktails.