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The luxurious amenities aboard Caribe Explorer are too numerous to mention.  A few are shown here.

Meals and alcohol are the exceptions and paid for with each  owner's membership card.




Caribe Explorer knows today's retirees are health conscious, so we provide a number of options. A salon, steam room, jacuzzi, massage therapy and workout gym are all available.


Dining - Gourmet

Each Friday night a local Miami renowned gourmet chef will prepare some of his/her restaurant's signature dishes.



Suite Life

Your stateroom aboard the superyacht is relaxing and roomy. All have incredible views and upscale amenities.

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Dining - Buffet

A  buffet restaurant features three signature meals a day all prepared by an executive chef who also travels with the ship


Conference Room

There might be times you want to have a business meeting or a meeting of the owners and there's a large conference room for just such needs.


Deep Sea Submarine

Caribe Explorer  carries a brand-new 3-passenger submersible for exploring wrecks, reefs, and marine life throughout the Caribbean



There's even a small casino where at-sea gaming can take place.


Quiet Lounging

The superyacht provides plenty of spaces for just relaxing with friends or simply reading a good book.


Open Dining

It's a superyacht.  So it makes sense to be able to have cocktails and dinner in the open spaces

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