Live Aboard Your Very Own Luxury Expedition Cruise Ship

Caribbean cruising, diving, and mini-sub exploring 4 days a month and then a 10-day vacation cruise to Costa Rica or Panama annually

12 exotic cruises a year!

Own a 5-star mega-yacht condominium 

for between $298,000 and $468,000 

$50,000 worth of cruising a year... free

(all expenses but food and alcohol included in nominal HOA fee)

Cruise During The Pandemic!

Here's something to think about. Your home is a private yacht... not a cruise ship.  Our expedition yacht doesn't need to put into various ports for entertainment. You can get that in your own homeport of St. John.  We create our own entertainment.  We find an uninhabited island and drop anchor.  We then set up a beach picnic while we are exploring the nearby reef with the submarine and scuba diving.  We also have a dozen transparent canoe/kayaks for incredible viewing of the dozens of species of tropical fish as well as some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

  •  50 luxury condo suites

  •  2 Night Clubs

  •  2 Restaurants

  •  Outside Cigar Bar

  •  Scuba diving boats

  • Gym/Workout Room

  • Mini-submarine for reef and wreck exploring


  • Beauty Salon

  • Massage / Spa

  • Retail Shop

  • Personal valet service

  • Medical Center

  • Valet Parking

  • Home ported in Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands

Included - entertainment, shuttle bus, housekeeping, guest rooms, and best of all... 54 days of cruising to the islands and Central and South America periodically throughout the year

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