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This presentation is not a public website. It is strictly for information regarding the purchase of a share of a Miami superyacht.

16 friends are getting together and buying a
beautiful 290-foot superyacht.  
Want to join them?

Taipan in port
Taipan in port

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Taipan in port
Taipan in port

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Santiago will be home ported in Miami just blocks from South Beach and Downtown 


The Yacht

Sub at wreck.png

The Fun


The Suites

Caribe Explorer is considered a 5-star mega-yacht having been converted from a luxury boutique cruise ship to accommodate 16 comfortable owners' suites

The best thing about your superyacht is it has its own submarine!  Explore reefs, wrecks, and exotic marine life all over the Caribbean.

Caribe Explorer is an all-suite vessel.  And, as the ship only has 16 roomy suites you'll  soon know everyone on the ship.

It's All About      Leaving Your Comfort Zone Behind...
Explore a shipwreck in pitch-black water 1,000' below the surface
Swim with dozens of Manta Rays at Ambergris Caye
Fly a jungle zipline in St. Kitts
Follow a Mona Iguana on an uninhabited island
Feed the monkeys in Basseterre

...and still be home for dinner